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Never carry a bowl around anymore, we know that it’s very annoying to bring a bowl and a water bottle at the same time!

Our pet water bottle solves this problem, it acts like both with a very convenient design.

Keep you and your fur kids happy and order it today!


PORTABLE & CONVENIENT: You can put this dog portable water bottle into your backpack, shoulder pack, or hanging on your hand with sling rope.

EASY TO CARRY: The water is enough drinking for the small dogs when outdoor walking, hiking, traveling, playing.

SAFE MATERIALS and ECO-FRIENDLY: This pet water bottle is made with high quality flexible food-grade plastic, BPA-free, FDA certification approved. Durable & recyclable.

Never ever worry about your pet gets hurt from toxins.

Enjoy the safe and funny outdoor act with your pet.

LEAK-PROOF and RECOVER UNUSED WATER: This dog water dispenser is designed with a silica gel seal ring which can prevent water leakage efficiently.

You can rest assured that it won’t wet your bag.

It’s convenient that allows you to return the unused water back to the bottle.

BIG TROUGH: This dog cat travels water cup bowl has 2.76 inches Big Trough.

It not only ensures dogs drinking water easily but also cats, rabbits,s or other small pets to drinking water easily.

ONE-HAND FEEDING: One-hand to Open/Lock water, easily feeding a pet.

Water button to feed water, lock button to lock water.

One-hand operation. Easy to use.


Keep the cup horizontally, Unlock, Press the “Water Button” to fill the trough with water. Release the “Water Button” to stop the water.

Finish feeding. Recover the unused water back to the bottle. Then turn the “Lock Key” to lock water, keep the cup out of leakage.




Material: ABS + Plastic + Silicone

Size: 350ml (Diameter:8cm/3.15″;Height:22cm/8.67″)

550ml (Diameter:8cm/3.15″;Height:27cm/10.6″)

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