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Do you like making fake fart sounds to embarrass others?

Then you absolutely need this novelty pooter fart toy!!!

Just squeeze it, and the air inside will rush out to create a highly simulated fart sound.

How to use: Put the free side up facing the palm of your hand, make the vent hole is facing the position about 2-3cm behind the end of the thumb, and then squeeze hand held fart machine hard, you also can hear the different fart sounds by adjust the position and squeeze speed.


This little gadget makes the most realistic fart sounds without batteries, Bluetooth, or burritos.

Easy-to-grip, pocketable fart noise maker.

This product is a toy made of high-quality materials.

It is of high quality and low price and has been popular.

Great for prank videos, elevators, church, classrooms

The great holiday gifts for children and family such as Birthday Parties, April Fools’ Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Halloween, and other Parties.

Funny fart pooter machine

If someone upsets you,you can play sneaky pranks with this le tooter fart machine, which will definitely annoy him.

This is a very interesting toy, a must-have artifact that is tricky and funny, you also deserve it.


  • Rubber
Product Size
  • 4.4 * 4cm
Product Weight
  • 67g
Package Contents
  • 1 x Blister pack
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