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Family is a six-letter word that has an entire universe encapsulated inside. Parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, and friends, all of these people make our lives easier, cherishable, and a little more bearable when fate takes turns.

Let’s cherish all these relations with this unique handcrafted custom wooden music box that plays music and tells about your heart’s feelings – one box for each, the daughter, son, grandchild, and siblings’ children.

This is a beautiful wooden music box with a meaningful message engraved from the inside of the box.

Retro Wooden Engraved Music Box

Comes with a beautifully engraved message

Hand-cranked music, no batteries needed

Wood color

Plays your favorite tunes

Express love with it

Dimensions: 38mm (1.5in) x 65mm (2.55in) x 50mm (1.97in)


Gary D.


“My wife loved it! It is a perfect small gift for the woman or man who is hard to buy for. And it sounds great!”

Shaun Kay
It’s a fun and thoughtful little gift idea that if under-appreciated can be re-gifted to your child!
Rebecca Treece
This is SO unique, and well made! The woodwork is impeccable, gorgeous, and unique, absolutely love the pattern. I love this song, and the music is beautiful, and it makes it fun to crank it to play it! Lovely for a gift, or even yourself!
Krissy Scott
My wife was delighted by this music box. It is nicely designed and plays one of her favorite tunes, “You are my sunshine”.
A sound value for the money!
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