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Imagine what it’s like to have a personally “raised” dinosaur?

Now there is an opportunity for you to fulfill this dream.

Let you and your children together “recreate” the Jurassic period, together with the start of the adventure!

This is a collection of types of surprise dinosaur egg toys, not only for children but also for adults.

You can satisfy your hobby of collecting. (Every 6 pieces must contain 1 hidden style)

Witness the “hatching” process of dinosaurs

Experience the process of “hatching” with your child.

In this process, your child will wait for the result together, become more patient, and be able to observe the hatching process in every detail, so that your child’s observation ability will be improved.

And through their own “hatching” of pets, from “birth” to “growth” are children’s participation, which can make them know more care and love.

Satisfying your child’s curiosity

Satisfy children’s curiosity, no one knows what is inside the dinosaur eggs until they break the shell.

Satisfy your “collecting” hobby

Each dinosaur egg has a different dinosaur, which is perfect for people who like to collect.

And every “thrilling” “hatching” process is a tense and exciting feeling for us!

Opening the door to awareness

Let children go back to the “Jurassic” era, to know and understand the development and history of dinosaurs in ancient times, learn to explore and discover the system of dinosaurs by themselves, and learn knowledge through play.

Quality materials

The material is environmentally friendly and does not change shape.

Soft rubber environmentally friendly material, after a long time soaking in water, will not rot; fall, and abrasion resistance, and is not easy to deformation;

In environmentally friendly materials, the surface is water-based paint, harmless and tasteless, with no impact on children.

As a gift🎁🎁

Suitable for giving to children and friends who like character collections, it is a surprise for them.

How it works

Put the dinosaur egg into the water, completely submerged, and wait 24 hours for the dinosaur to break its shell; continue to wait 72 hours for the dinosaur to grow bigger.


Size: 13cm*8cm

The package includes: A dinosaur egg toy

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