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 Get Your Infant The Comfort To Stay Fit This Season With Our Exclusive Shoes!

The support of a running shoe, the comfort of wearing socks!

A shoe that can be worn any day, anywhere, anytime, it’s time to stock up!

The stretchable upper layer makes it easy for children to slip on, and super convenient for kids with cubby feet.

Fashionable, durable, and perfect for all adventures.

Every toddler will feel free and safe without suffocating in them.

Stretchable knitted fabric makes them breathable, and the non-slip bottoms will help keep your walker stabilized.

From fit to feel and even fashion sensibility, nothing even comes close to the cushies.

Size Chart

Age Shoe Length (inches)
0-6 Months 4.7″
6-12 Months 5.1″
12-18 Months 5.5″
18-24 Months 5.9″
2-3 Years 6.2″


✔ Exclusively at Glorefits

 Not Sold In Stores

 Superior Quality

Washing Directions:

Wash in cold water – standard cycle. Remove and air dry.


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