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💡💡Powerful projector, born for brightness🔦🔦

Powerful lamp beads can produce up to 100,000 lumens of ultra-high output, 40 times more than ordinary incandescent lamps, easily illuminate a playground or focus on 3280 feet of objects!

Equipped with a flash function, the projector is suitable for remote lighting.

Smart technology, long endurance

Super large lithium battery can last for three days and three nights on a single charge.

Ultra-high energy density and superior stability ensure endurance capability.

Electric quantity display at a glance, observe the electric quantity at any time and don’t worry about power outages outdoors.

Super versatile, the side light can be used as a table lamp

The large COB projector is adopted on the side to ensure daily reading, maintenance, and other needs.

It is not tired for a long time, has high color rendering, no strobe, and it is not afraid even of sudden power failure, meeting your various needs.

Integrated waterproof function

The IP65 waterproof flashlight can prevent splashing from any angle.

Normal lighting in heavy rain, no fear of wind and rain in bad weather, suitable for outdoor environments (hiking, emergency, and camping) and bad weather.

Three-speed switch, USB fast charging

Easy switching between strong light – medium light – harsh light – flash explosion, multi-sided compatible technology, fast USB 1-2 hours, three days and three nights.

The strobe light is suitable for alarm effects in emergency situations.

Wide range of applications

This zoomable flashlight is ideal for camping, riding, night running, fishing, climbing, hunting, and some outdoor activities, also for home (in case of power failure, or maintenance circuit).

Moreover, you can also use it when running/walking at night.


Material: ABS

Color: as shown

Weight: 500g

Size: 50MM X 136MM

Charging: USB


1 * Anti-explosion Flashlight

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